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T&P Ventures

T&P Ventures provides strategic advisory services for small and mid-market technology companies.

We help our clients to formulate or refine their development strategy to create sustainable growth and maximise shareholder value. We also assist them in articulating the value of their products and services to customers and business partners.

We are experienced in helping companies to enter new markets and we help to ensure that the development strategy is both realistic and achievable.

We have worked with many clients in preparing for strategic or financial transactions,not just in terms of refining and maximising the value of such transactions to shareholders, but also on such matters as structure, corporate governance, and due diligence.

While many advisors in the financial world are transaction focused, we are focused on building long-term relationships with our clients. We believe that by operating in this way, we offer the best advice to clients and avoid many of the conflicts of interests experienced by other advisors.